A Simple Alice Pack Mod- Medium and Large

For you ALICE packer’s out there….here’s a very practical and inexpensive modification to make your ALICE system more useful.

Mason Dixon Tactical

6 June, 2014


When I first joined the military, we were all issued medium ALICE packs, and expected to get everything on that packing list, into that little pack (10 pounds into a 5 pound bag). We made it work, but my thought was “Damn, I wish I had my large ruck”. Of course asking your Drill Sgt why we didn’t have large ALICE packs elicited a response something along the lines of “PUSH!”. Fortunately, upon arrival at my first unit, that wasn’t a problem. I was promptly issued a Large ALICE ruck, and apparently expected to fill it…..all the way! The All purpose,Lightweight, Individual, Carrying, Equipment (ALICE) the military has used for years works well, no matter what the nay sayer/tacticool crowd says. I’ve used it for about 32 years now, and if your on a budget, it’s definitely the way to go for your tactical load bearing needs. One…

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