From Sierra 12: Who turned out the lights? Night fighting considerations

S12 Night Ops
A lot of great articles from Max and D[T]G on night fighting and low light considerations.  We would like to piggyback on their shirt tails, adding in some additional thoughts .

Why do object seem to fade out or disappear when we stare right at them at night?

This is called the “Night blind spot”.  It is Located in central viewing axis (fovea), the Absence of rod cells in fovea creates the blind spot.  The “night blind spot” encompasses a viewing area of  5 to 10 degrees center of your visual field of view…..

Over distance the “night blind spot” will widen.  Focusing on a target at 3000 feet, your “night blind spot” now covers approximately 750 feet of your center viewing axis.
Read the rest here.  Great information from our friends in the Southwest!

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