8 comments on “Travel Light, Not Necessary to Freeze at Night….

  1. DTG,

    Thanks for the plug. Actually GLSC is competitive even with Wiggy’s current sale. On the sleeping bags I think customers will find we are slightly lower in price.

    I enjoyed the AAR on WRSA for your recent class. Looking to get signed up.

    – GLSC

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  3. Place the space blanket between your sleep pad and your sleeping bag or woobie. It’s works way better than putting it on the ground and it will help the space blanket last a lot longer.

  4. So….are you advocating the two poncho system with one for shelter/raincoat (newer version) and the other (rubberized) for a Ranger taco?

    On another note, do you get anywhere near the left coast? I would be interested in a train the trainer course.

    Somewhere behind enemy lines,
    Peoples Republik of Kommiefornia

  5. Wow…sorry to read where you are currently stuck.

    As to the ‘system’, basically yes, with mods. As we’ve transitioned to Wiggy’s bags, we don’t want the taco effect a poncho sleeping bag gives us of keeping all condensation within the bag. So, we use one for the shelter and one for a ground cloth. The taco system is fine for what it is, and I’ve used one in very cold weather and did nicely, but not nearly as nicely as I do with the mods.

    I do get into the Pacific Northwest from time to time, so who knows? Drop me a line at the email address and I can provide you some specifics to see if it’s workable for you.

    Thanks for stopping by!

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