Tax Dollar Grants…



I’m sure the federal government has a program somewhere to provide grants to small businesses or groups teach self-reliance, neighborhood protection team building, or marksmanship and weapon manipulation….imagine how peaceful our little AO’s would be with a $283,000 grant used for said training…..ok…sarcasm off.

Here’s where federal grants are going:


“A stingray is a device that mimics a cell tower and thereby tricks all wireless devices on the same network into communicating with it.”


“Howard told Erie County legislators last week that the stingray surveillance device his office has owned since 2008 is used only for tracking a person’s movements, not for gathering content of cellphone communications. The surveillance equipment can capture data from targeted cellphones even when they’re not in use.

He told the lawmakers that the courts should determine how he can use the equipment, not them.

Use of the device has raised concerns among Buffalo-area lawmakers over potential abuses of people’s privacy.

Democratic Legislator Patrick B. Burke says that the equipment can capture data from cellphones even when they’re not in use.

When Howard was asked by lawmakers how many times his department has used the stingray device, he refused to answer.

The county used a $283,000 terrorism prevention grant from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to pay for the device.”

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