One comment on “Consider Poole’s Advice….

  1. And this should go without saying, but it is a concept that has been lost among the prepper / patriot community: subordination to one’s commander so as long as the commander’s intent does not violate common law.

    So in regard to Poole’s statement, not only is there the requirement for individuals to become trained so they can be decentralized and operate to protect their loved ones under a commander’s intent . . . They have to be willing to subordinate themselves to the decisions of that leader as well. The training and subordination go hand in hand. The training is nothing without the subordination to a common set of operating procedures. (Thinking of Poole’s audience however, I believe that subordination is a given as there are strict consequences in the military world for being insubordinate.)

    It seems that the whole “an army of one” concept like cancer has taken hold with too many of those concerned about prepping for hard times. And it’s a shame too, because there are quite a few former NCO’s out there willing to not only train people but teach them leadership and subordination, which are vital to survival in SHTF if history is correct.

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