5 comments on “The Absolute Basic, But Much Ignored Skill for SHTF: Crawling

  1. In regard to Practice you mentioned and tying in your last post on “beating the (physical training) dead horse” . . . .

    With just a little practice time crawling (or trying to get off the ground from a crawl / cover position), one can easily see the benefit of push-ups, pull-ups and some cardio work a couple times a week.

    Who knows, maybe some of us will start doing their push-ups with their plate carriers on. : )

  2. For me, the first time I jumped down to a prone position and felt like my mags were going to break my six bottom ribs right under my sternum. Yeah, that was a great learning experience in why to move my gear away from the front. Much less later that day trying to low crawl and the crap dragging in front was pushing my face into the ground. From that day forward I made sure my belly and chest was clear.

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