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  2. Thank you. This was a much needed response to the anarchists and “selfish preppers” dwelling in the commentariat. Crawling into your hidey-hole and whining about the resistance movement and the constitution being “collective” in nature is simply self-dividing in the face of the coming conquering attempt.

  3. To start off! I’m a selfish or self-first kind of guy.

    Before I go on something I wrote. This is to give you my point of reference for what will be said after.

    Sunday, November 28, 2010

    Part 1 of The Tao of Josh – Personal Responsibility

    What is Personal Responsibility?

    To me these words mean taking ownership of ones own actions. I will not expect nor is it anyone else’s duty to take care of me! I will not whine or blame others if things do not go as I plan.

    The first responsibility of the individual is to oneself, now this might sound selfish to some, but if you think about it; it’s really not. If you take care of yourself first you’re not a burden on your family, society or anyone else, and you can help others in times of need. Now this doesn’t mean putting yourself first at the expense of others.

    Let me give you an order of importance to the responsibilities in your life: your first responsibility is to your self; then family, friends, acquaintances, local community and the world at large.

    Now you might be asking why family isn’t first. Let’s say you put your family first and give everything to the family. Say a family member needs some money, so you just go into debt to get the money, because you’re not worried about yourself. Now you get so far in debt that you can’t pay your own bills. You are now a burden to your family.

    If you had kept your responsibility to yourself in minded, and said, “How can I help this family member support him self, so we can both prosper?” You would be keeping this principle in mind.

    So, if the individual is strong then our families, friends, acquaintances, the local community and the world at large will be strong.

    Now there are things that happen that are out of our control. Let’s say, a natural disaster comes along and destroys my house. It’s not everyone responsibility to insure that I get my life back exactly like it was before. It is my responsibility to plan for the future and part of that future is uncertainty and Mother-Nature. It’s my responsibility to ask myself, “What could happen and what should I do if it does?” and plan accordantly.

    We can band together to help each other start over, but it’s not mandatory. I do believe in teamwork. You wouldn’t ask a teammate to do something and then stand around doing nothing with your handout? Teams work together to accomplish something for the benefit of the group.

    If, you do have to except someone’s help don’t fall into the trap of always relying on others. You should try to do things yourself first and if you really can’t do something then ask for help; while still doing what you can yourself. You will be surprised at what you can accomplish on your own. No freeloading, after you recover from what ever you needed help with pay those who helped you back in full; plus a little extra. There should be no free rides.

    If you do rely on the government and others to take care of you, you are weakening are society, because you will put-off doing things waiting for some else to take care of them.

    So, if something bad happens pick your self up, dust yourself off and start building your life over. There are no guaranties in life, so plan accordingly.

    When ever anyone starts telling me what myduty is I start looking for their agenda?  Why is it in their of their loved ones best interest? Duty & Obligation is often used in a collectivist trap easily fallen into without a clear understanding of Personal Responsibility. “We have a duty and obligation to help the needy.” Sound familiar?

    I only owe someone something if there was an agreed apon debt. I’m under no obligation to fight for you or die for you! I fight for my, current and future loved ones & family (Including Brothers in Arms).

    I promote Liberty for All, because it is the best way to ensure my liberty. But do not for a minute think that I fight for your liberty or freedom, because that is your personal responsibility.
    I do believe that what Lee ment is do not shirk your personal responsibilities. It’s an old time understanding of duty and obligations. Not this new found understanding that is used to enslave people to others will.

    In Atlas Shrugged what was the lesson Hank Rearden needed/had to learn. That it wasn’t his responsibility to carry those not willing to do for themselves.

    “You can’t go around building a better world for people. Only people can build a better world for people. Otherwise it’s just a cage.”

    – Terry Pratchett

    You can temporarily prop it up, but the world and poeple must be able to stand on their own. People must learn their own lessons.

    Rember just because something is clear to you, doesn’t mean that it’s clear to everyone. We need to do a better job of explaining how and why liberty is the best road for everyone.

    My 2 cents.

  4. Josh, the concept of duty in the post is to the concept itself of Liberty. If you do the ‘self-first’ thing above all else, then your reach is going to be short and you’ll not achieve the objective of liberty for all. Selfishness, not to be confused with self-interest, diminishes the stature of our potential not only as Americans but as human beings. Duty and obligation is in the self-interest of all those who are liberty minded, to one degree or another, depending on what the limitations of the individual happen to be.

    If you were born an American, you have the obligation inherent in your being to safeguard the experiment, and, if possible, improve the daily reality for posterity. Admittedly, my generation and those before me have done a less than stellar job of remaining vigilant in safeguarding the public liberty.

    And, no, you don’t have to fight and die for me or anyone else. But if that’s your position, what would make you think, that if you were the one in a bad place with all hell breaking loose, that others should come to your aid?

    It’s all about reciprocal obligation; one citizen to another. Someone quoted Ben Franklin’s statement about hanging separately or together. If we’re together in something, we have a better chance than if we’re alone. Together, some might make it. Alone, well, we’re all dead…or worse…slaves.

    Thanks for your comment on the post.

  5. Enlightened-self interest and “self first kind of guy” are mutually exclusive terms.
    The anarchists and “my tribe only” preppers of the patriot world will suffer along with
    the folks who fail to plan and organize. Thanks for the words of advice DTG.

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