4 comments on “Basics – How to Walk

  1. The most common form of slip when walking is what is called the heel slip. It is a result of walking and placing the heel down first. Going downhill is one of the worst situations for a hill slip. Best advice in tricky downhill walking is flat footed. Second best advice is to use a walking stick when descending a hill/slope.

  2. I learned to walk in the woods, in leaves, when I learned how deer walk. They typically walk slowly, toe first, allowing the pointed toe of their hoof to slip in UNDER the leaves to place their hoof on more solid terra firma. This also gives me less chance of stepping on that twig that will snap and give away my position.

    Also, to help leave a trail that is less noticeable, the American Indian stepped with one foot in front of the other, leaving a very narrow trail – one resembling a game trail. Typically westerners walk with feet side by side, and leave a much wider trail. To see the difference, go to the mountains of Wyoming, etc. and discern an old, now unused Indian trail. It will be very narrow, but the more modern day trail of campers and hikers will be quite wide – most of the time wider than your body width.

    Living in Alaska one must walk on snow and ice continually throughout the winter months. I’ve learned to EXPECT my foot to slip walking down hill, and to respond with my upper body to counterbalance myself instantly. Most of the time my foot doesn’t slip, as I walk on the whole foot at once. But when it does slip, I slide with it, and only once in the past five to seven years have my feet gone out from under me. That time I was talking to another person and not paying attention.

    Hope these pointers help.

    Son of Liberty

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