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Land Navigation – 22 March 2014 – Southeast Michigan Area

Registration closes on March 15th, so get in now!


Sipsey Street Irregulars posts a good story regarding map reading here.  Slots still available; reserve your spot now!


DTG will conduct an eleven hour basic land navigation course that will cover:

  • How to Use the Lensatic Compass
  • Reading a Topographical Map
  • Plotting Grid Coordinates
  • Map Orientation
  • Dead Reckoning
  • Basic Terrain Association
  • Supervised Navigation Course

If you want to know how to navigate without a GPS, here’s where you start.  If you’ve had this training before, but it’s been a long time, this will be a great refresher.  Course will occur sleet, rain, or shine.  Participants will receive a recommended pack list and will provide their own food & beverages.  Minors 16 years and older may attend with a parent/guardian participant.

Cost:  $150 per person

Slots Available:  12


Academic Instruction:  7:00 am EST to 10:00am EST

Field Practicum:  10:00am – 6:00pm

Required Equipment:

Interested persons send a note of inquiry to ‘’ , subject line:  Land Nav

50% deposit required to hold your slot; cancellations within 10 business days of class date forfeit deposit.

Land Nav skills can’t be compromised by ‘random programmable error’ like a GPS….

Field Test/Product Evaluation UPDATE: Frog Lube

frog lube


27 February 2014 UPDATE:  After having shot another 400 rounds between July and now in the AR and 150 rounds in the Glock, all I can say is, “I’m sold!”  I’ve used maybe 1/3 of the CLP in the 4 ounce container and maybe 1/8th of the paste from the 4 ounce container in cleaning and then pre-fire lubing of my weapons.  Cleaning now consists of very little bore scrubbing before it’s clean and literally wiping the BCG and other parts off with a clean rag and a bit of the Frog Lube CLP on both rifle and pistol.   The added benefit of the wintergreen smell has saved me having to deal with complaints from the missus about ‘the smell.’  So, in addition to my large cleaning kit (which is getting smaller because I don’t need a lot of solvents now), I’m going to put a 4 oz CLP and a small container (probably 2 ounces) of the paste in my ruck.  This product is worth the money in my book!

9 July 2013 UPDATE: Shot 100 rounds practicing Mosby’s ‘No Default Response’ drills this past weekend, let the rifle sit for 3 days, disassembled it, and wiped what little carbon was present off with a rag from the BCG, upper, and chamber area. Frog Lube is everything it purports itself to be!

Ammo: Do You Carry Enough?


Ammoland asks a great question relating to preparedness on the street:

How Much is Enough When Carrying for Self-Defense?

Michigan –-(  When I get down to 1,000 rounds of any  caliber, I consider myself out of ammo for that caliber.

However, that’s not what I’m talking about here. When carrying a gun for  self-defense, how much ammo should you carry on you? How much is enough? How  much is too much?

Let’s start with the easy question first. If you ever find yourself in a  self-defense situation, you’ll quickly realize that you can never have too much  spare ammunition.

No survivor of a gunfight has ever said, “I wish I hadn’t carried those  extra magazines.”

Read the rest here.

A Seldom Talked About, but Essential Subject: Dental Health


Dental Preparedness

I don’t like the dentist.  I know, I know, most people don’t!  But I dislike the sadist…err dentist so much that the thought of writing this article has given me the heebie-jeebies for some time.  However, a recent dental problem resulting in a toothache spurred me to write this.


Brush, floss, yada, yada, yada.  All kidding aside, this is absolutely one area where an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  This being a preparedness related article, here are some tips to help you be prepared for a future where going to the dentist isn’t an option.

Toothpaste has a 1-2 year shelf life, so we could effectively keep a year’s supply on hand, rotating and restocking as it is used.  Toothbrushes obviously don’t have an expiration date, but should be rotated every few months.  Dental floss is another item that has no expiration date, nor do the dental flossers.  Dental floss is an item I put in each BOB.  It can be used for floss, cordage, snares and anything else lightweight rope could be used for.

Baking soda is an item with an infinite shelf life that can be used as toothpaste.   Simply put some in a smallish container, add water and stir into a paste…mmm tasty (sarcasm).  Hydrogen peroxide is an item that, according to the ADA (American Dental Association), is used in many commercial tooth whiteners. Dental Pain When the Stuff Hits the Fan

To me there is no pain like a toothache.  It can make me miserable like almost nothing else!  We’re lucky to live in a time where we get care fairly quickly to help us if we have dental pain.   Imagine having to use an ice skate to remove your own tooth (a reference to the move Castaway)!  Seriously, what would you do if, for some reason, you had a toothache and couldn’t get to the dentist?  Here are some suggestions.

There are several over the counter numbing agents one could use and I personally think they are a must have. Natural Tooth Ache Remedies

Here are three links that I think are worth sharing, all containing natural remedies.  Because what works well for one person, might not for another, I think it is wise to have a few of these on hand.  Many of the ingredients listed in these two articles can be used for other purposes as well.

20+ Toothache Remedies For Pain Relief

12 Home Remedies for Toothaches

Worst Case

What if the problem is worse than a tooth ache and you can’t get to the dentist?  There are a few things that you can do now to prepare for this.  The Hesperian Foundation offers a book called Where there is No Dentist.  You can download a free PDF copy or purchase a book for $17.00.  Amazon has used copies a little cheaper, but I think supporting the Hesperian Foundation is worth the extra dollar or two.

This book is fantastic!  Like all Hesperian books, it is meant to educate villagers in third world countries with no formal education or training.  Topics range from learning and teaching about teeth and gums, treating and diagnosing different dental problems like toothaches, loose teeth, cavities, cementing fillings and removal of teeth (without an ice skate).  It has illustrations on almost every page to help explain the different topics.

There are a few supplies that you could stock now that could be of great use in a dental emergency.  From Duluth Trading Company: Duluth Trading Company Dr. Click’s Kit: Dental Tools with 101 Uses. As the title suggests, this kit has many other uses besides dental tools, one being a great lock picking set.  One of the Prepared Christian sponsors, Camping Survival, carries Dr. Stahl’s Emergency Dental Kit. as well. Final Thoughts

Sure, we should be brushing and flossing now, but like I said at the beginning, to me there is no pain like a toothache.  Dental preparedness requires some forethought and preparations to make sure we can take care of dental emergencies should they ever occur when we cannot get to a dentist.

Excellent Advice from ‘The Survivalist Blog’

The Moral Imperative of Spending Your Time Wisely,

and the First Small Step: Getting Rid of Cable TV

This is a guest post by SN in Florida and entry for our non-fiction writing contest.

For each of us, the revelation is different. For many, September 11 woke us up to the threats to our civilization. For others, it was the economic crash that we are still in where many of us woke up to found that the major investment of our lives – our home – was worth half of what we paid for it. When that day comes, you realize that the time you are given on this earth should be spent wisely. You realize that your precious time is being filled with frivolity and trivia and that our country is daydreaming into its decline and bankruptcy.

I. The advent of a trivia society.

What are the great trends in our world today? Well, Christians are being systematically eliminated in muslim dominated societies, yet hardly any attention is being paid in the West to this world shaping event. This is detailed in Raymond Ibrahim’s book Crucified Again: Exposing Islam’s New War on Christians. In science, how many of us have heard of the 2005 Huygens probe? We have actual pictures from the surface of Titan, a moon of Saturn. Yet a YouTube page lists only a few thousand views of this incredible scientific achievement. Justin Beiber’s latest video, meanwhile, has millions of views. Our citizens, the guardians of the American tree of liberty, are today wallowing in the bread and circus’s of the mass media.

Our country was founded at the height of the enlightenment by men versed in the traditions of the West. The United States Constitution, the pinnacle of achievement of the governance of man, was earnestly debated at the founding by a society versed in the language of history. Yet today, history is being sidelined and politicized in favor of “gender and ethnic studies” departments and similar political indoctrination. Our most richly endowed colleges are being systematically targeted for takeover by the radical left, shouting down competing ideas in places where the marketplace of ideas is supposed to be the most free. The material wealth of Western society has created this luxury of delusion.

Many of us, whom I could refer to as the “Non-Consenters,” might suggest that we confront the modern sins that have exposed problems in the founding document by amending that great instrument. Perhaps patriots would propose a constitutional amendment that states that in order to vote, you cannot be a beneficiary of government largess. Maybe there is a way to amend the commerce clause that has been expanded by the federal government to such an extent that they can regulate everything. I would love to see a spirited debate on improvements such as this that would move us towards a society of greater liberty, building on the founding father’s great work.

But today, could we even have an educated debate on amending or replacing the Constitution given the ignorance towards history and the nature of man? I am afraid that our current society is not capable of engaging in such a discourse. If, for example, our States called a Constitutional convention to amend or replace our current document, most likely what would follow would be a step backwards towards greater tyranny. Given the state of education at our elite schools, mass media and in our political leadership, the populace would hardly be aware of the defeat of liberty.

II. One small step for man.

Ultimately, we have an individual choice into what we fill our minds with. You can choose your own path. While individually we are powerless to effect these larger events, we still do have the freedom of our individual choices. One small step is that your money does not need to be used to support this decline. A simple step my family has taken, and which I would encourage yours to do, is to cut the cable television from your budget.

All of those radical left cable channels are supported by their bundling in a cable package. When these organizations turn against me, my family and everything we believe, I can no longer in good conscience consent. By participating in this scheme, we are funding the machinery of delusion. One thing that brought me to this revelation is my new role as a parent.

It is one thing to watch gooey, marsh mellow TV for yourself, but when I saw my eight year old son beginning to obsess on the latest trivial television shows, I realized that I was setting a bad example. Therefore, I set out on my quest to rid our family of cable TV.

Our family set a policy of not paying for television entertainment. For better or worse, we accepted that internet access is a necessity in today’s business environment. That being said, the addition of cable TV can cost well over $100 a month in access fees. We decided to leverage our internet access into saving on these cable fees. If a movie comes with a price tag, we do not consent.

There are many other benefits to pulling the plug on television. Television news is incredibly inefficient form of communication. One can read many times faster than listen to the spoken word. Does the addition of Tom Brokaw or Matt Lauer add anything to news content? I would suggest that the media’s cult of personality actually detracts from real content. Further, TV is sensationalist and focuses only on news items that have a flashy picture or newsreel associated with it. It may be that this aspect of television news actually encourages spectacular al-qaeda terrorist attacks. The more spectacular the attack, the more likely a terrorist will get free publicity.

As a side note, I am a news junkie. After the 9-11 attacks I noticed that I was getting high amounts of anxiety, even to the point of effecting my sleep. I went to my family doctor who put it to me this way: he could give me a sedative, or I could stop watching television news! The constant replaying of the planes hitting the towers in the news was creating a constant state of danger in my psyche, resulting in high stress.

Taking his advice, I turned off the television and magically, my stress levels were reduced. The fact is that less television equals lower stress levels. I now limit my news intake to free internet only, and only for a designated hour in the morning. Some of my favorite news sources are the great Glenn Reynolds’ blog and

As a Catholic and devoted Christian, my morning news reading also includes a visit to If you read each daily reading every day for three years, you will read the entire Bible. Of course, you can choose your own sources of information – just make sure you examine the source for authority and accuracy. I generally avoid institutional news web sites since the mainstream media institutions are dominated by political correct spin and other unknown motivations.

So what do you do with this big 52″ electronic investment that now dominates your living room? If you must keep it, you can provide content with a one time purchase of a Roku box – a cheap device that connects your television set to your internet connection providing tons of free content.

You can take a look at the content available here:!browse/movies-and-tv/by-popular If you sign up for Amazon prime, there are loads of free videos, mostly in the education and travel area. Another option is that with many people accessing pay per view, you can buy tons of cheap entertainment DVDs at garage sales. The main thing is not to get caught up in the latest fad and to avoid spending your precious money on trivial entertainment.

M.D. Adds : Don’t bother with Amazon Prime if your goal is free moves and TV, most listed there have a fee of $1.99 for each viewing. Netflix is better and cheaper with a fee of $7.99 per month and unlimited viewing. You can also watch YouTube videos with the Roku 3 player and add channels such as CBN, RT Russia and Glenn Beck.  And if you like listening to a babbling talking head then you’ll be happy to know that Alex Jones can also be viewed through your Roku box.

Sometimes, the broader culture intrudes. For example, my son wanted to watch the new Marvel movie Avengers. Unfortunately, it came with a $14 pay per view price tag. We reminded our son of our family policy of not paying for television entertainment. We discussed whether he wished to have his allowance pay for this movie or whether he wanted to watch Captain America for free on Amazon. This approach had the added benefit of bringing our young child into process of controlling his viewing habits. Thankfully, he choose the free movie. Interestingly, he has become very responsible with his purchasing choices since being empowered with his own money. In fact, I thought he would miss the television much more than he actually has. It is Daddy that suffered the withdrawals!

I must admit that our one guilty pleasure are the television shows Survivor and Deadliest Catch. Luckily, these shows can be watched online on a home computer without cost. While my favorite television shows used to be live sports like NFL football and NASCAR, I decided that for $100 a month, I could live without these indulgences.

If you really must see an event, there are “pirate” web sites that you can watch these live events for free (in a greatly reduced quality, mind you). When giving up these indulgences, I found that I could let the sports events play on my computer while I worked on my new leather working hobby. Soon, I discovered that I really wasn’t that interested in the first place, and that these things too fell into the category of trivia. Remember that when the goal is entertainment, and to avoid spending money — especially on monthly fees.

III. Choosing Your Inputs.

Once the haze of the television fades, what do you do with your time? This may sound like a ridiculous question, but as a master of your own destiny, you can either make your own conscious choices, or you can let other people and powers determine how that time is filled. You should examine your expenditures of time and make the choices that you determine are worthwhile. Personally, I wished to become more well-read in certain areas of constitutional law and history. I therefore devoted myself to making a list of the great books that had somehow been overlooked in my public education.

My wife has devoted herself to the study of math, first in order to better her career prospects and second to help my young son as he wrestles with increasingly complex math subjects. We have found the free and web based a great helper and teacher for math and science subjects (not so much for history). You may choose the study of other practical topics, such as black smithing, welding, home and auto repair, electrical wiring and generation, leather working, carpentry, gun smithing, gardening, water purification … the list is endless. Wouldn’t it be so much better to devote your precious time to knowledge that will protect you and your family in the event of TSHTF?

The internet is an endless supply of books, available for free with a modest amount of effort. Amazon prime again provides an easy access to downloadable books, many of which are free. With the video revolution, used hardback books are ubiquitous and cheap. Note that I maintain all of my survival library in hardback.

In the event of TEOTWAWKI, you will appreciate the easy to access nature of a hardback book. These items do not count as entertainment but as informational survival tools. One of my favorite web sites to acquiring used books is It is a great network of used book stores, often mom and pop operations. I have found that they often undercut Amazon used book prices by factors of ten.

IV. A Personal Epilogue. It has now been about one year since our cable free journey, and I can report that I hardly miss cable. Our family is spending more quality time together, rather than staring at the box in a antisocial stupor. We have more reading time, which we also do together as a family. And as you can see by my contribution here, I now have more time to pursue productive projects such as writing. I would encourage you to break the cable television addition. You have a choice.

Deep Freeze Survival and Tactics – Post-Event Review

Beautiful view, no?  This is what DTG’s ‘Deep Freeze’ Class walked into on February 7 for about 40 hours.  Snow pack was about 3 and a half feet or so of powder.  Temps in the teens, and dropping as the afternoon wore into early evening.

Deep Freeze 3

All participants were pulling sleds with their necessary equipment and food in with them, as seen in the picture below.  It took about an hour and a half to walk in, as breaking trail in powder is difficult work, even when you do PT as you’re supposed to do.

The Long Walk In...

The Long Walk In…

The group arrived at the camp area with about 45 minutes of daylight left; enough time to get positions sited and begin the process of digging in.  When night descended, head lamps came out for the finishing work, as the first order of business is to ensure that everyone will make it through the first night of sleeping in below zero weather.  The wind kicked up to about 25mph gusts, dropping the temperature even more, so the teams split:  one man on a position, the other helping drag in dead fall and getting the fire going.

The next morning saw all participants anxious to get something warm inside, as the ambient temperature was 2 degrees Fahrenheit.   The fire from the night before still had some coals left, so getting the warming fire going was not difficult.  After a good breakfast and some water from hydration carriers kept in the sleeping bag and then worn under the outer layer but on top of an inner layer, the group took off for a trailing exercise and some firearms function checks.  It seems that sometimes folks don’t necessarily remember to winterize rifles or pistols, and the actions lock shut.

While on the trail exercise, the group saw an interesting sight:  A picnic table covered in snow that hadn’t been touched by human hands (no tracks anywhere) that looked like a coffin.  A grim reminder that even training in deep winter, more than a mile from any vehicle and another 40 minutes from a medical facility can turn deadly; nature does not forgive.

Nature's Reminder....

Nature’s Reminder….

The remainder of ‘trail exercise’  primarily dealt with discussing how to be effective in dealing with ‘bad people’ following in powder/deep snow conditions, and various tactics to provide incentives for them to stop tracking or following your party.


Deep Freeze 5

Above is a typical position, finished after dark, and improved the following day.  All participants were responsible for their own sleeping arrangements, which consisted of a tarp to keep the wind away, a good sleeping bag, and ‘Grabbers’ or ‘Hot Hands’ brand hand warmers to break open about an hour before getting in the rack and throwing into the sleeping bag.  They warm the bag up enough so that body heat isn’t wasted getting the sleeping bag producing warmth.

Our next class is Land Navigation on March 22nd, in Southeast Michigan.  Register while you can; the class is getting full!

Mosby: Hygiene, Part Two: Cheeseburgers in Paradise


If hygiene can be defined as the science and actions needed to prevent the spread of illness and disease, then a modern understanding of illness and disease clearly demonstrates that our health and fitness is a critical aspect of personal hygiene. In some ways, it can be argued that these are at least as critical to personal longevity as staying clean, or getting clean is. There’s a reason a fit, 19 year old infantryman can withstand living conditions that would put those of us more….ahem…advanced on the age scale, under a moving Greyhound Bus.

I’ve belabored the importance of PT and fitness in this blog, ad nauseum. If you haven’t figured out that importance by now, me continuing to flagellate deceased equines is unlikely to do you a damned bit of good, but…just to maintain my reputation as a meathead jock, asshole….you need to be doing PT: personally, I recommend…

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Mosby Answers: (How) Does a Bear Shit in the Woods?


(One of the recent questions asked was if I would pen an article on camp hygiene. Here ya go….–J.M.)

Hygiene (noun)

1: A science of the establishment and maintenance of health.

2: Conditions or practices (as of cleanliness conducive to health.

–Merriam-Webster Dictionary (from

Hygiene (noun)

1: The science that deals with the promotion and preservation of health. Also called hygienics.

2: Conditions and practices that serve to promote or preserve health: hygiene in the workplace; personal hygiene.

–Oxford English Dictionary (from

(One of the recent questions asked was if I would pen an article on camp hygiene. Here ya go….–J.M.)

Thou shalt have a place also without the camp, whither thou shalt go forth abroad: and though shalt have a paddle upon thy weapon; and it shall be, when thou wilt ease thyself abroad, thou shalt dig therewith, and shalt turn back and cover that…

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You DO Have Preps, Right? RIGHT!?

Let those who have understanding, make sure their families and friends are taken care of….


Atlanta residents ransacked neighborhood grocery stores in frantic preparation for their second major snowstorm of the year, waging fights over food items and leaving destruction and empty shelves in their wake, a stunning precursor to what will ensue once a major crisis impacts the U.S.