7 comments on “Winter Camp Tips

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  2. “magical” (cost/weight vs. effectiveness/multi-usefulness) products for temp control includes “Reflectix” metallized bubble-sheet insulation. Available at local big-box building store or mail order.

  3. The body also loses heat through respiration – inhaling cold air, exhaling warm air.
    Not a whole lot to do about minimizing the effects, but something to be aware of – nose versus mouth breathing, etc.

  4. Cut out two layers of reflectix and tape the edges together the size of your sleeping bag. I put this in my hammock under my sleeping bag. It worked amazingly well, enough so that the first time I used it I woke sweating. On subsequent camp-outs I simply used less clothing in the sleeping bag. This worked in weather in the low teens. It saved me big money in not having to buy an underquilt which are very expensive. This works equally well as insulation on top of your ground pad. Mine folds and rolls up into a small tube that I tie to my backpack.
    Stay warm!

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