5 comments on “Basic Winter Survival Equipment

  1. For what it’s worth you can even save a few dollars over Wiggy’s 20% sale if you buy them here: http://www.greatlakesurvival.com/shelter–sleeping-bags.html GLSC is a distributor for Wiggy’s and will drop ship from their factory for you.

    However, Wiggy’s has a deal for $50 pack boots if you buy a sleeping bag from them, and if that’s your route, then go with the Wiggy’s deal because it’s a great savings package.

    Folks, if you have to put a sleeping bag in your ruck, go with Wiggy’s sleeping bags. They kick the crap out of Snugpak, the US Modular system, and other hollow fiber filled bags.

    DTG and GLSC use these bags exclusively.

  2. Update on the Costco ‘paradox’ base layer. Runs a bit big. I’m a pretty big guy – 6′ -215lbs, and the large feels pretty loose. A size larger for my wife as well. Comparable to UA 1.0 base. I personally like the UA 3.0 base due to the thickness.

  3. For emergency food in a vehicle, you could look into Coast Guard lifeboat rations. They are pretty small and are packed with a pile of calories. Good shelf life too.

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