14 comments on “PT Challenge – Warrior 5000

  1. I’m in. Maybe my math is off, but starting tomorrow, there is 49 days until Christmas Day, which would make it slightly over 102 pushups every day. DTG, if you crank out 129 for the next 49 days, you’re going to be around 6321 total pushups. More power to ya! 😉

  2. After hunting, I’m now 3 days behind schedule, but did 600 in the last 3 days to get me back on track. Now my daily average must be 112 to get it completed by Christmas Eve day. My plan is to do a minimum of 120 a day…..we’ll see how it goes.

  3. Day 48, Monday 12/23/2013, 125 (5 x 25) 5010/5000. I am officially done with the #Warrior5000 challenge. Taking a total of four days rest over the last 50 days, I have still finished 2 days early. Time to REALLY take a break now. 😀

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  5. Greetings from behind the lines in the People’s Republic of New York City!

    May I impose and ask for suggestions for those of us who wish to participate in this endeavor and having rotator-cuff damage to both shoulders?


    Commie Hater

  6. Well, Hi there! Thanks for stopping by! My suggestion would be to see what the doc says you can do and not go past those suggestions until such time that you have the damage corrected. From what I know, you can make the damage worse, and rotator cuff pain is bad enough! We’re doing ‘long haul’ stuff….you can do the push ups later!

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