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The Signs Are There…..



Report: Massive Vulnerability Detected In National Power Grids: “There Is No Way to Stop This”

“…according to a report from the Center for Security Policy presented to Congress in 2010, if our power grid were to be taken offline for an extended period of time, 9 out of 10 Americans would be dead within a year.

There would be no way to transport food because gas stations pumps would be inoperable. And even if they did work, the commerce systems which makes the exchange of goods possible would be offline. Couple that with water utilities not functioning due to lack of electricity, and we’re talking about a worst-case scenario so bad that this country may never recover.”

“Would You Like to Play a Game?”

A well-remembered tag line uttered by the super-computer which controlled US nuclear launch codes in the movie, “War Games,” from way back in 1983.  At the time, it was great entertainment; at least most people I know who saw it thought so.

One issue we see too much of today is that most people seem to be responding to that question when dealing with preparedness or other significant issues we face on a daily basis in our local areas or across the Nation.

There’s one major difference between the fantasy of that movie and where we are in history today:  This ain’t no game.

There’s only one thing more serious than making sure you and yours are prepared for the hard times most believe are right around the corner:  The hard times right around the corner.

They’re coming at us from economic, geo-political, cultural, socio-political and ideological perspectives.

Most of the ‘what if’ scenarios have a commonality, too:  The ‘bad people’ all want to take what you have including your family, your wealth, your property, your freedom, and last but not least, your life.

Knowing this, as readers of this and many other blogs such as WRSA, Mountain Guerilla, Max Velocity, SF Medic and others, it is truly amazing to see the denial still within many parts of the so-called ‘prepper’ and ‘liberty’ movements.

The first indicator that someone thinks this is a game:  Lack of fitness.

I’ve been involved in the prepper/liberty movement since 1998.  I know people who are still as unfit as they were the day I met them, and a good portion (no pun intended) of that crowd is just as out of shape and unable to hump their own ruck as they were the day I met them.  Some have gotten the message, but many more need to finally, ‘get it.’

I’d like to hope the message is getting out and people are taking the cue from the leading information conduits listed above, but each time I start to hope, I see more XXXL types actually fooling themselves into thinking they’re ‘getting prepped’.

Of late we’ve seen here and other places posts on packing rucks, effective ruck weights, how to get into shape to haul a 50 pound pack and so on.  I’d be willing to be that the same folks who have spent top dollar on their ‘bug out bags’ and filled them with all the snivel gear one could possibly imagine to the tune of upwards of 75 or more pounds, can’t pick them up and put them on, let alone walk over city streets for 5 miles without stopping.

My point?  Simply this:  We (all of us in the preparedness/liberty movement) need each of us to be able to perform as best as we possibly can if we are to have a chance.  So knock of the procrastination and do some ‘push aways’ (from the table).  Go get a physical.  Tell your physician you want to drop (20, 30, or however much weight is healthy) weight and start an increasingly rigorous fitness routine.

No one is guaranteed tomorrow, so start today.  Beter yet, start now!  Get out from behind the computer and go for a walk.  Briskly, if that’s all you can do.  Do one push up; do 30 push ups (if that’s what you can do).  Do some leg lifts or squats.  Body weight exercises are pure gold because you can do them virtually anywhere and cost nothing, other than your determination to be in better shape than you are now.

The second indicator that someone thinks this is a game:  Gear Never Sees the Field

It stands to reason that if you’re not fit enough to carry your gear, you’re not going to take it into places that it might see some wear….like into a wet, muddy, cold, hot, dry, dirty, sandy, icy, snowy, rainy season environment.  Gear that only sits in the house or car and never gets taken out and used does the liberty minded prepper absolutely no good whatsoever!

Your tarp/poncho needs to be used to make lean-to’s or other shelters and you need to live in them for a time!  See if that Wiggy’s bag you spent all that money on actually keeps you warm and dry when it gets wet.  See how much help it is to waterproof your ruck and other LBE by going out, getting it soaked, and then wear it while walking a good bit and see how much weight water adds.  Boots ought to be well-broken in.  Clean, but broken in.  As many have said and is being echoed now, you don’t want to be starting out during SHTF with new, unbroken in boots.  Not unless you like hamburger for feet.  This could go on and on, but you get the picture.

The third sign that someone thinks this is a game:  Doesn’t paint their MBR because it’s too ‘pretty’

Your rifle is a tool.  Nothing more.  Your tool can’t be all black or have bright oranage furniture (in the case of some AK’s) and not serve as a beacon to bad people trying to find and kill you.  Buy some Krylon, get some painter’s tape and protect the areas you don’t need painted (like optic glass, fiber optic tubes, etc), get a good and ugly pattern that actually blends in, and get it done.

It’s time to get serious, folks.  As is said often at WRSA, “Tempus is Fugiting”….