One comment on “Become Physically Fit as Possible (Or “How to Increase Your Life Expectancy”)

  1. “If you want to turbo-charge the speed with which your body responds, simply improve your eating habits. Get rid of processed food as much as possible. Eat more vegatables and less bread. Cut back on the beer.”

    How true this is. The hard fact is 80 – 90% or MORE of your success in cutting the excess fat and changing your body is what type of fuel you put into it. Veggies, solid proteins, good fats (raw unsalted nuts, olive oil, avacado, etc), NO processed crap and less bread and watch the effing salt (which can be done by cutting the processed crap out BIG TIME). Couldn’t agree more.

    My 2c for those reading. I started out four+ years ago at 225lbs. Started small as suggested here with a few pushups, walking and monitoring my sodium intake. I shed roughly 25lbs in about three months, over half of that was water weight from all the excess sodium in my system. I increased the workouts very slightly and dropped to 185lbs and held that for two years before I gained 15lbs back and was holding 199/200lbs on average.

    Kicked it up a notch with creating a plan for my food intake (not a diet…) purposefully attempting to do exactly what I said & this article said with my food. The body weight exercises were simple: Pushups, Pull Ups, Planks, Squats, Lunges and Reverse Crunches. All body weight, nothing added. When I started this plan I could do around 10 or so strict form pushups and NO pulls. It took work and dedication to get up to 10 pull ups. I started out small, REAL small. Just doing “negative” pulls for about two weeks until I was able to do 1. But I did it and kept at it.

    Anywho…two years later and I am always flirting with the low 180s. I’ve gotten as low as 176lbs but my own food choices (see what I did there, taking responsibility for my choices?) added the pounds back.

    A helpful tip, if you’ve read this far: Create a reward/goal system for yourself. Make it specific and make it realistic. Here is an example. Say you have a nice multi-tool that is on your “list” of gear to get for your bug-out bag or EDC, or whatever. Now, you have the money now to get it, but you don’t. Here is what you do:

    Goal: Within three months, I will do 15 strict form pushups and 5 Pull Ups.
    Reward: I get to buy that multi-tool.

    Now you get to feel the reward of earning it.

    Last thought – don’t worry about what you ‘look’ like. Again, look back to your food plan. However, a good quote from Mark Twight is this: Appearance is a consequence of fitness.

    Appearance will be a by-product, not the end-all litmus test of your fitness. Just train and eat well, your body will adjust, it might take awhile, but it will adjust. Just keep moving forward.

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