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Home Sweet Hootch

DTG Student Hootch

A simple poncho lean-to constructed by a DTG student on 18 May 2013 During PAS-1.  Knots used:  Trucker’s hitch & Figure 8.  Stakes fashioned with the student’s tomahawk. Next classes to be offered:  Introduction to Small Unit Tactics (SUT), date TBD

The Telegraph: Something We Don’t Want.

Typically DTG focuses on the ‘how’ of sustainability:  Training in basic, intermediate and advanced skills.  However, from time to time, as the situation warrants, we do offer personal opinions on the current state of affairs.

Today’s offering concerns recent posts on other blogs that DTG reads and respects.  Lately, we’ve noticed a trend in a few posts and in many comments desiring a public hashing out of the ‘who’ and ‘how’ of restoration of our uniquely American experiment in Republican government and the free exercise of rights and the remedies available thereto.

DTG would ask the community to review the writings and consider the genius of this man:  Sun Tzu


If his writings were to be boiled down to their essence in contemporary American, his entire genius might be translated as, “Never telegraph your punch.  Always do the unexpected, and never, ever help your opponent.”

The frustration of many today seems to desire exactly that:  An outlining of the who, what, where, when, and how of things.  To be sure, statistically, some of those baiting the discussion are on the other side, and getting folks to employ ‘scorched earth’ debate is a tactic employed to provide valuable profiles and capability analysis.

Public discussion of infrastructure, TO&E, and capabilities only plays into the hands of one’s adversary.  We know this.  We shouldn’t even consider falling prey to such bait even as an attempt at spreading disinformation.

Consider something a blogger called, “Concerned American” has said:  “Local, local, local!”  Build your network locally.  To steal from the libtards, “Think nationally, act locally!”

It works.

Lastly, do not fall for the “each of you can be your own leader” gambit.  Truth of the matter is that not all of us are very good at leadership.  Some are, most aren’t.  The trick is to find the ‘real McCoy’.  See if you can get under the type of human that embraces and espouses the strategy of Jefferson and Franklin when the phrase, “the Laws of Nature and of nature’s God” was purposely designed and then employed in the unanimous Declaration to overcome denominationalism in establishing the cement of common belief.

That’s where the rallying cry of, “Restore Constitutional Government” comes into play and may have merit.  It is feasible; it is direct; it is within the grasp of the every day patriotic American citizen, whether through his vote, his refusal to submit to unconstitutional law, or whatever method he decides to help achieve that moral objective.  For those that love to discuss the details, the differing opinions of what to do and how to do it will be well and long argued once (if at all) the day comes and collectivism is sent packing, leaving us to determine the direction of our State and the rightfully subservient federal government.  It will be determined, one way or another, but to try to do that now is putting the cart before the horse.

A line from a movie, “The Alamo” (2006) comes to mind when Travis says, “…what is it that you are willing to fight, and possibly die for?  We will call that ‘Texas'”  Substitute  ‘Freedom’ or ‘Liberty’ or ‘Restoration’ for Texas…but find the common ground.

Continue to prepare yourselves and your family for the harsh times coming on a global scale.

Quit telegraphing….