Walk, Run, Fly…

We’ve had a few questions as of late, thanks to WRSA’s (http://westernrifleshooters.wordpress.com/) mention of our upcoming Primitive Adaptation Skills – 1 class on 18 May, most of which fall in the category of: “Are you going to have some tactics classes?”

Short answer: Yes.

DTG staff decided to hold the PAS-1 seminar first, because long experience teaches that if one cannot keep oneself out of the elements (warm & dry), hydrated, and rested, tactical knowledge doesn’t really matter that much, all things being equal, because of the relatively fast deterioration of strength, motor skills, and thought process of the man/woman in a SHTF situation without adequate shelter, water, and rest.

We chose to start with what we believe is ‘the’ cornerstone of a good foundation: PAS-1. It’s the ‘walk’ stage.

The beginner as well those who’ve not had any ‘hands on’ for some time are taken through the basics in a relatively adverse environment for a short time (approximately 30 hours). Enough time to get a good feel for what needs to be mastered and a short enough time that work days aren’t lost.

The ‘run’ stage will start with the offering of Basic Individual Skills and SUT; yet another cornerstone of skill mastery. IS/SUT will consist of various day-long or multi-day training sessions (with PAS application requirements).

Should we offer IS/SUT soon? Only you have the answer.

Feel free to comment! Debates are welcome, so long as they add to the discussion. Ad hominem attacks, accusations, uncontrolled vitriol, thread hijacks, personal threats, or any comment that otherwise detracts from DTG's stated mission will not be approved or posted. Repeat violators will be banned.

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