Primitive Adaptation Skills – 1: UPDATE

On 18 May 2013, DTG will offer Basic Primitive Adaptation Skills class. Participants will be able to perform/discuss the below listed skills upon completion of the seminar. The class will begin at 7:00am Saturday morning and conclude the following Sunday afternoon at 1:00pm. Participants will be living what they learn for approximately 30 hours.

Lesson Objective & Performance Requirement: Given the concepts and principles of basic Primitive Adaptation Skills on shelter construction, fire starting, camouflage, water purification, and available rations discipline, each participant will be able to successfully perform the skills taught with minimal equipment, food and water.

Subjects Covered:

􀂄 The survival “Rule of Threes” and personal “Survival Strategy”
􀂄 Natural Insulation
􀂄 Improvised sleeping bags & shelters
􀂄 Fire building
􀂄 Water collection & purification
􀂄 Survival Kit Contents
􀂄 Survival Weapons
􀂄 Personal and Shelter Camouflage techniques
􀂄 PAS Skills Practicum
􀂄 Bonus: Latrine Siting & Practical Hygiene

Class size is limited to 12 participants; Cost: $200 per person

Interested parties please drop of note of inquiry to the DTG email address, Subject Line: PAS Class Registration.

Note: If the registration trend continues, we’ll add up to six more slots.

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