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Our Reccomended “Must Know” Knots for the Prepared Individual

Based on our experience, and referenced in many, many works on the subject, DTG recommends everyone learn, practice, and know how to tie the following knots:


One Handed Bowline

Prusik Knot

Double Fisherman’s (Grapevine) Knot

Square Knot

Figure Eight

In the following weeks, we’ll explore how each of these knots are tied, their advantages, disadvantages, and possible situations where they would be needed.

A two foot length 550 Cord, or Paracord, is a good tool to use to practice knot tying. It’s easily hidden in a pocket, readily accessible when you might have a few spare minutes, and costs literally pennies.

Ok, time to start practicing!

On Politics….

Of late, certain states have passed draconian legislation primarily aimed at the Second Amendment, which, in turn, has been used to prosecute heretofore law abiding citizens.

The signs of where our country is headed are ominous, as anyone with even a modicum of education on our Constitution can plainly see.  Even the freedom enjoyed just 50 years ago is long gone.  Children are expelled from school for making a ‘gun’ out of their thumb and forefingers; unconstitutionally formed organizations order armored vehicles, billions of rounds of ammunition, thousands of “personal defense” weapons, and accouterments for use in the United States among the citizenry.  Examples abound; blood pressure concerns override the urge to list the ever-growing train of abuses.

As things get worse (and there are no signs of anything getting any better), prudence dictates that we prepare to exist in hard times.  It’s because of this that DTG offers training in areas most people aren’t exposed to during their lives and that our staff has gained over many years of training and experience.

We’ll do everything we can to help you get to where you want to be in possessed skill sets for protecting and holding that which is dear to you.

If you’re reading this, you’ve been awakened to the overall situation in our country. 

Now you must take the first step. 

We’re waiting to hear from you.